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What is is a list of WhatsApp, Telegram or Line open group. You can search your preferred group and click Join Now from your mobile phone. The group can be a same study group, same interest group, same event group and more. Immediately you can start chatting in the group and leave anytime you want. You also can create a group and publish here to invite more people who has same interest with you. JoinMyGroup .net also act as URL shortener for you to promote out from this page. Example: Your group name 'DSLR Photographer', you can promote via URL shortener by add /DSLR-Photographer after URL (eg;

How do I want join any group?

There is 2 method to join any group. Either from click the URL (eg; or by click the link from this website. Since the group is require apps from WhatsApp, Telegram or Line, best practice is both way using either on the phone or tablet.

How do I want to post my group?

Anybody can post the group at at free cost. Simply key in group name (max 100 character), group URL (Can find it on group details invite links), Group country and group type, press submit and you will see a manage page for you to keep for future deletion.

How do I delete my posted group?

You will have a personal manage page after new submission of group. The URL must be kept for yourself and use it to delete the group in future. If you lost the URL, please contact JoinMyGroup Support at this link

How do I report any issue related to group in

You can report your case via our support group at

What if I required to keep my URL but not publish on this website?

For time being there is no features on this special requirement. All group submitted will be published at this website.

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